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Is it time to consider a move?

Some questions to ask when deciding it may be time to place a loved one...

1. Is help needed with cooking, shopping, completing housework, taking medications or handling money?

2. Is help needed with eating, dressing, bathing, walking or using the bathroom?

3. Is the older adult considering moving to a place where someone could assist with the above activities?

4. Are six or more medications taken daily?

5. Are there more than two chronic medical problems?

6. Is there alcohol use that interferes with daily functioning?

7. Is there concern for forgetfulness, confusion, getting lost in familiar places?

8. Has there been a recent fall or is fear of falling an issue in walking?

9. Is there anyone to help in case of illness?

10. Is sadness, loneliness, lack of interest, change in appetite or sleep patterns a concern?

11. Is there a problem getting to the bathroom in time or are "accidents" common?

Some of these might just be "red flags" for which to watch out. Some may be signs of drug interactions or infection. Any questions you may have, we would be happy to help. Give us a call, today.

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