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Social Security and Supplemental Security Income

Do you know....?

There is a difference between SS and SSI? Many families come to me, saying my Mom or Dad receives SSI, when they actually mean Mom or Dad receives SS. This is another example of our Government making everything very complicated.

Most people over 65 (or 62 if they took the early retirement option) have SS. This is Social Security, administered by (paid out and regulated) the Social Security Administration.

There are several other programs also administered by the Social Security Administration; Disability, Medicaid, and Survivor's benefits, just to name a few.

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. It starts as a state program and then the federal Social Security program supplements (adds to the monthly payment), if needed.

In Pa, if you live in a Nursing Home, you probably qualify for SSI, (also called Medical Assistance, Medicaid, Access, Welfare, etc), unless you have a large income or a large savings. Generally, if you have a house, Medicaid will put a lien on it, to repay the program after your death.

If you live in a Personal Care Home, you may qualify for SSI as well. Your income must be under $1192 per month and you must have under $2000 in assets. If you qualify, your Medicare premium will be paid, as well as a Supplemental Insurance (Highmark, Gateway, UPMC, Humana, etc). Most of your medical needs will be completely paid for, i.e. Dr copays, hospitals, medications, incontinence supplies, etc. This SSI does NOT need repaid as the Nursing Home Option.

If you live at home, SSI is available, if your income is under $650 per month.

As you can see, this is very complicated. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me at the Ark Twin Valley Personal Care Home, 724-468-6200. Andrea

Andrea Bach is the Administrator of Ark Twin Valley Personal Care Home and has spent over 20 in the healthcare industry.

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