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Veteran's benefits - Aid and Attendance

The Veteran's Administration will help defer the costs of personal care for Veterans and their spouses, through a program called "Aid and Attendance".

In order to qualify:

● the Veteran must have served during wartime, and been active for at least 90 days.

● total assets must be under $80,000 (not including a house)

● total income minus medical expenses (insurance, medications, care costs, etc) must be under $14,000 annually

Several forms are required to apply for benefits. All can be found at your local Veteran's Administration, online or at Ark Twin Valley Personal Care Home.

In addition to the VA forms, you will need the Veteran's DD-242 (Military Discharge Papers), a marriage license (if applying for spouse), death certificate (if Veteran is deceased) and proof documents for income, assets, and medical expenses.

It can take the VA up to 12 months to process the application, so come in to begin your paperwork, as soon as possible.

Andrea Bach is the Administrator of Ark Twin Valley Personal Care Home, and has been in the healthcare industry of over 20 years.

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