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Hospice - It's NOT just for the very ill!

Are you familiar with Hospice Services? Many people think they "aren't ready for Hospice, yet, because they aren't dying." Hospice services can be started long before becoming very, very ill. Many times Hospice can be used for years before someone passes away.

Hospice may be appropriate when:

●a life-threatening disease is diagnosed or when curative treatment is no longer an option.

●a specialized team is needed for pain and symptom control.

●an individual chooses comfort measures over active curative treatment

●emotional / spiritual issues become overwhelming for patient, family or caregivers.

Hospice Services include:

●Doctors (your own and / or specialized Hospice Doctors)

●Skilled Nurses

●Social Workers

●Home Health Aides

●Chaplains / Counselors


●Medications, Equipment and Supplies

Hospice is NOT just for Cancer. Other life-limiting illnesses helped with Hospice:

●End-stage Cardiovascular Disease

●End-stage Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

●Parkinson's Disease

●End-stage Alzheimer's Disease

●End-stage Stroke (CVA)

●End-stage Diabetes (DM)

●Multiple Sclerosis

●End-stage AIDS

●End-stage Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

●End-stage Renal Disease

●End-stage Liver Disease



Hospice is completely paid for by Medicare and many other insurance plans. Using Hospice can also save many out-of-pocket expenses, such as incontinence supplies, some medication co-pays, equipment rental co-pays, etc.

Above all, Hospice gives the patient and their caregivers support emotionally and takes away some of the burden of giving care.

We, at Ark Twin Valley have worked with numerous Hospice agencies, over the years. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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